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Ischyma S-Litter 
4 males / 3 females born 30.12.2010

Ch. Ischyma Silvan

Ischyma Shirocco

JCh. Ischyma Samoun

Ch. Ischyma Saphir

Ch. Ischyma Savannah

Ischyma Scarlett

Ischyma Saiga

out of:

Hunter Stepowy Goniec


Ischyma Morticia

Hunter is very friendly, he had no problem that also our sweet Raugraf was on his place

Raugraf enjoys cuddles by Yvone, Hunters owner

after the mating our other dogs also came to play in Yvonnes Garden
Alyne, Raugraf, Morticia and Fashion

Morticia and Raugraf

Fashion, Raugraf, Morticia


Hunter, Morticia, Raugraf

majestic Hunter

Alyne also started with her season, although she is already 12,5 years old

she also is very interessted in this nice guy

Yvonne with Alyne, Hunter and Fashion

is our sweet Alynchen not beautifull in her high age?

Yvonne, Hunter and Raugraf



hunter_stepowy_goniec.jpg (68300 Byte)
Hunter Stepowy Goniec

wlad_av_fjascho.jpg (119124 Byte)
Wlad av Fjascho

ozaroff_av_fascho.jpg (52428 Byte)
Ch. Ozaroff av Fjascho

coverdales_dimitroff.jpg (62343 Byte)
Coverdale's Dimitroff
fjora_av_fjascho.jpg (34757 Byte)
Ch. Fjora av Fjascho
madjeva_tsjudo_av_fjascho.jpg (50212 Byte)
Ch. Madjeva Tsjudo av Fjascho
borscana_thor_thunder.jpg (45053 Byte)
Ch. Borscana Thor Thunder
gapchina_av_fjascho.jpg (52826 Byte)
Ch. Gapchina av Fjascho
ursa_maior_stepowy_goniec.jpg (72577 Byte)
Ch. Ursa Maior Stepowy Goniec
rakenlov_beliy_baritsnik.jpg (75813 Byte)
Ch. Rakenlov Beliy Baritsnik
japejukan_kulkuri.jpg (55274 Byte)
Ch. Japejukan Kulkuri
margiitan_quin_ quick_step.jpg (55736 Byte)
Ch. Margiitan Quin Quick Step
bieriozka_duma_bojarow.jpg (97078 Byte)
Ch. Bieriozka Duma Bojarow
bojar_nesson.jpg (47970 Byte)
Ch. Bojar Nesson
Cyrla Stepowy Goniec
ischyma_morticia_2jz.jpg (61364 Byte)
Ischyma Morticia
blisshound_pinocchio.jpg (76954 Byte)
Ch. Blisshound Pinocchio
zimistraija_napoleon.jpg (67145 Byte)
Ch Zimistraija Napoleon
seabury_jay_egoiste.jpg (40363 Byte)
Ch Seabury-Jay Egoiste
jelistaz_grace_zimistraija.jpg (36482 Byte)
Ch Jelistaz Grace Of Zimistraija
babotchkas_erotika.jpg (61233 Byte)
Ch Babotjka's Erotika
borscana_civil_war.jpg (45916 Byte)
Ch Borscana Civil War
ivegills_lady_aphrodite.jpg (72726 Byte)
Ch. Ivegill's Lady Afrodite
ischyma_comtess_5jc.jpg (53470 Byte)
Ch. Ischyma Comtess

Ch. Janke Levitch Krylov
ekazan_pogovitch_balalaikas.jpg (75497 Byte)
E'Kazan Pogovitch des Balalaikas
kozara_polianka.jpg (53273 Byte)
Kozara de la Polianka

Margeaux Manon de Nikolaiev
igor_nikolaiev.jpg (55536 Byte)
Ch. Igor de Nikolaiev
rising_stars_ventures.jpg (73458 Byte)
Ch. Rising Star's Ventures