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Ischyma Borzois at the German Annual Borzoishow 2017 under breederjudge: Kazimierz Rychlik, kennel "Stepowy Goniec" from Poland.

Here the results, 80 borzois were entered:
Ischyma Baikal Intermediate class EXC1 RCAC VDH
Ischyma Banderas
Intermediate class EXC1 RVDH
Ch. Ischyma Waldai
Championclass EXC 1 Jahressieger 2017 Best Male Landessieger 2017 VDH
Ch. Ischyma Saphir
Championclass EXC 4
Ischyma Zarewitsch open class EXC 2 RVDH
Ischyma Zephir open class EXC 3
Ischyma Zobel open class VG
Ischyma Doris Babyclass vp2
Ch. Ischyma Karona Veteranclasse 4. place
Ischyma Baket intermediate class EXC 3
Ch. Ischyma Uhura Championclass EXC 1 Best in Show BOB Jahressiegerin 2017, Landessiegerin Sachsen 2017 Best bitch VDH
Ch. Ischyma Rana Saphira Championclass EXC3
Ischyma Zoe open class EXC

Baikal intermediate class EXC 1 RCAC VDH

Banderas intermediate class EXC 2 RVDH

happy breeder

Championclass Waldai  & Saphir

Saphir Championclass EXC 4

Barsoijahressieger 2017 Landessieger Sachsen 2017 Ch. Ischyma Waldai

Ischyma Zobel, aka Puschkin

Ischyma Zarewitsch EXC 2 RVDH

Ischyma Zephir EXC 3

Ch. Ischyma Karona in summerdress Veteranclas 4th place

Ischyma Doris Babyclass vp2

Ischyma Baket intermediate class EXC 3

Barsoijahressiegerin 2017 Landessiegerin Sachsen 2017 BOB BIS Ischyma Uhura

Ch. Ischyma Rana Saphira Championclass EXC 3

Ischyma Zoe open class EXC

Best male Ch. Ischyma Waldai & BOB Best bitch Ch. Ischyma Uhura

winner Child & Dog Mila Saier with Ischyma Rubina

best head males Ischyma Zarewitsch

Ch. Ischyma Uhura

Thanks to all owners of the Ischyma Barsois für presenting their beautiful borzois and thanks a lot to the judge Kazimierz Rychlik!!!