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Small "Ischyma-Meeting" at the Sighthoundshow in Hildesheim in April 2017

There were the brothers Ischyma Baikal and Ischyma Banderas, their father Ischyma Vangelis and also Ischyma Yoda & Ischyma Baccara aka Betty Blue and our own borzois Ischyma Morticia, Ischyma Uhura, Sokol & K Kadril Moya Serdechnaya & Ipatyev Hazi Cezarina Carewna.


three siblings, Betty Blue (Baccara), Banderas & Baikal

Banderas, Baikal & Betty Blue (Baccara)

the three siblings and their parents.
Banderas, Baikal, Betty Blue (Baccara), mother Uhura and father Vangelis

Banderas, Baikal, Betty Blue (Baccara), grandmother Morticia and father Vangelis

Baikal & Banderas

son and father, Banderas & Vangelis

son and mother, Baikal & Uhura

our sweet 9 years old Morticia


Ischyma Baikal EXC 1 VDH RCAC in intermediate class

Ischyma Banderas EXC 1 JBOB JCAC JVDH

Ch. Ischyma Uhura EXC 1 VDH in Championclass

Ischyma Yoda not entered

JCh. Sokol & K Kadril Moya Serdechnaya not entered