From March 23rd to 25th again we had our annual 
Ischyma Treffen 2018

This time it was our 20 years Jubilee-Meeting organised by Marion Richter. A big thank you to her for a great organization.

Many of our friends came with their borzoi to spend a wonderfull weekend with us.

We thank very much all our Ischyma-friends for the wonderfull time together.

Photos by Biggi & Karl-Heinz Schulz

Ischyma Yoda & Ischyma Vangelis

Ischyma Dorkas with friend

Ischyma Darius

Ch. Ischyma Winona

Smokey & Peppi

Ischyma Erle & Ischyma Clara

Ischyma Dorian Gray

JCh. Ischyma Armani

Ischyma Yara Neva

Ischyma Zarina with friend


Burya & Seppo

Ischyma Zarewitsch

Ischyma Zobel, genannt Puschkin


more photos