Margeaux Manon de Nikolaiev * 23.12.1996 - 07.01.2008
(Ch. Igor de Nikolaiev x Ch. Rising Star's Ventures)
Breeder: M. & D. Thalgott/F

9,5 years old

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Margeaux 9,5 years old with her grandkids, Ischyma Henrijette and Chopin z Bilmy

Margeaux' offspring:
May 10th 2001 Ischyma C-Litter Sire: Ch. Janke Levitch Krylov


margeaux_manon_de_nikolaiev04.jpg (79711 Byte) Margeaux 3 1/2 years old

Margeaux 3 1/2 years old - at holidays in Denmark Margeaux 7 years old

Margeaux 4 years old margeaux_welpen.jpg (37805 Byte) Margeaux with her one week old Ischyma C-litter
born 10.05.2001