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Ischyma Kira *08.01.07 - 23.11.17
(Ch. Ischyma Fandango x Ch. Ischyma Comtess
owner: Dr. Janine Guthardt, Berlin


10 years old

9 years old

together with her niece Anouk (Joana's Magic Bess) 8 years old

7,5 years old

4 years old

please click here for the pedigree


2 years old /Jahre alt


1,5 years old /Jahre alt


1 year old /Jahr alt

10 months old /Monate alt


6 months old /Monate alt

3,5 months old /Monate alt


3 months old /Monate alt

 with her halfbrother Jurij (Ischyma Hidalgo) and the 15 years old cat Grisette 


12 weeks old /Wochen alt


10 weeks old /Wochen alt

9 weeks old /Wochen alt


8 weeks old /Wochen alt



7 weeks old /Wochen alt



6 weeks old /Wochen alt



5 weeks old /Wochen alt



4 weeks old /Wochen alt



3 weeks old /Wochen alt



2 weeks old /2 Wochen alt



1 week old /1 Woche alt



new born/neugeboren