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Ch. Ischyma Irtysch *09.04.06 - 07.10.17
(PL Ch. Lut Szczescia Wladca Traw x
Basandrin Garna)
owner: Karin Moonen - van der Loo / E.J. van der Loo-Engelbracht.
eMail:  KarinMoonenvdLoo@chello.nl
Ischyma Borzois in Families v.d. Loo - Engelbracht und Fam. Moonen

nearly 11 years old

nearly 9 years old

winning best in show at the  Belguim Borzoiclubshow 2014 

Picture by :  Liebeth Buisman

winning best in show at the Clubmatch of the Netherlands Borzoiclub 2014 under breeder/judge Wieslawa Misterka, kennel Polot.

Karin Moonen - van der Loo wrote:
"Ch. Ischyma Irtysch 
Best Veteran, Best Male, BOB , CAC  Clubwinner of the Dutch Borzoi Club/  29.05.2014
Judge: Miss. Wieslawa Misterka-Kluska ( Poland ) 
We still cannot believe it that he won for the second time the Dutch Borzoi Club, also in 2008 and in 2009 he won the Belgian Borzoi Club Last thursday he was so happy in the showering  it was unbelievable.  
We are so proud and very happy with Irtysch he is so sweet and gentle."


7 years old

winning BOB and CACIB at Int. show Rotterdam 2012

5 years old

4,5 years old

4 years old, photo Ad van Gestel

4 years old

please click here for the pedigree

Dutch Champion, Belgian Champion
Clubwinner of the Belgium Borzoi Club 2014 with Best in Show
Clubwinner of the Netherlands Borzoi Club 2014 with Best in Show
Top Borzoi 2010 Belgian Borzoi Club
Clubwinner of the Belgium Borzoi Club 2009 with Best in Show and Best Head
Landessieger Niedersachsen-Sachsenanhalt 2009
BOG Pinkstershow Arnheim 2009
Brabowinner 09 with BOB
Clubwinner of the Netherlands Borzoi Club 2008 with Best in Show
Brabojuniorwinner 07
Landesjugendsieger NRW 2007



Irtysch's son Avant-Garde Art Aljuschin 15 months old, mother is Ischyma Fantasy



3 years old/Jahre alt



2 years old/Jahre alt



1,5 years old/Jahre alt


10 months old/Monate alt


8 months old/Monate alt

7 months old/Monate alt




6 months old/Monate alt



5 months old/Monate alt

ischyma_irtysch_5mo1.jpg (63310 Byte) ischyma_irtysch_5mo2.jpg (51938 Byte) ischyma_irtysch_5mo3.jpg (64684 Byte) ischyma_irtysch_5mo4.jpg (66671 Byte) ischyma_irtysch_5mo5.jpg (66322 Byte) ischyma_irtysch_4mo.jpg (37987 Byte) ischyma_irtysch_4mo1.jpg (52556 Byte)


15 weeks old/Wochen alt

ischyma_irtysch_15w2.jpg (43091 Byte)  ischyma_irtysch_15w4.jpg (63366 Byte)

13 weeks old/Wochen alt

ischyma_irtysch_13wo1.jpg (60166 Byte) ischyma_irtysch_13wo2.jpg (79448 Byte) ischyma_irtysch_13wo3.jpg (77641 Byte) ischyma_irtysch_13wo4.jpg (54612 Byte) ischyma_irtysch_13wo5.jpg (84929 Byte)


12 weeks old/Wochen alt

ischyma_irtysch_12wo_gagarin.jpg (53473 Byte) ischyma_irtysch_12wo_gagarin1.jpg (54356 Byte) ischyma_irtysch_12wo_gagarin2.jpg (59689 Byte) ischyma_irtysch_12wo_gagarin3.jpg (55050 Byte)
with his halfbrother Gagarin


11 weeks old/Wochen alt

ischyma_irtysch_11wo2.jpg (52889 Byte)  

ischyma_irtysch_11wo1.jpg (61347 Byte)
with his halfbrother Gagarin

10 weeks old/Wochen alt

ischyma_irtysch_10wo.jpg (71410 Byte) ischyma_irtysch_10wo1.jpg (74409 Byte) ischyma_irtysch_10wo2.jpg (58994 Byte) ischyma_irtysch_10wo4.jpg (83135 Byte) 


9 weeks old / Wochen alt


8 weeks old / Wochen alt



7 weeks old / Wochen alt



6 weeks old / Wochen alt



5 weeks old / Wochen alt



4 weeks old / Wochen alt


3 weeks old / Wochen alt



Two weeks old / Zwei Wochen alt



One week old / Eine Woche alt



1 Tag alt / one day old